Ellen Cieraad's Research

Quantative plant ecology & physiology


Please also see my Google Scholar or Research Gate  profiles  orcid_128x128


26.  Eshete G, Sillero-Zubiri C, Cieraad E, Musters CJM, De Snoo GR, De Iongh HH, Marino J. 2018. Does livestock predation reflect in negative local perceptions of
Ethiopian wolves in South Wollo? Tropical Ecology 59(1): 11–19.

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Liu R, Ma J, Cieraad E, Wang Y, Li Y. Variation of water use efficiency across seasons and years: different role of herbaceous plants in a desert ecosystem [Submitted] Science of the Total Environment

Pan Y, Cieraad E, v Bodegom P. Are ecophysiological adaptation traits decoupled from leaf economics traits in wetlands? [Submitted] Functional Ecology


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2. Cieraad E 2012. More Crop per Drop: Developing methods for rapid assessment of water use efficiency of barley – Final Report. Landcare Research Contract Report LC1108 for the Foundation for Arable Research.

1. Cieraad E 2008. How much indigenous biodiversity remains on land under indigenous vegetation? Final report on a pilot study based on existing data. Landcare Research Contract Report LC0708/145 for the Cross-Departmental Research Pool.


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2. Cieraad E 2005. The role of species interactions in a grassland-woodland transition – a literature review.

1. Lee DE, Lindqvist J, Douglas B, Bannister J, Cieraad E 2003. Paleobotany and sedimentology of Late Cretaceous-Miocene nonmarine sequences in Otago and Southland. Geological Society of New Zealand Miscellaneous Publication 116: 1-48.


2012   PhD Biological Sciences (Ecology) – Durham University (United Kingdom)
 Temperate oceanic treelines – low temperature effects on photosynthesis and growth                                                                                                                      
2006   M.Sc. Biological Sciences (Ecology)University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
M.Sc. thesis awarded with distinction & 2nd place at the University of Amsterdam thesis prize:
“Fossil ferns in New Zealand: History and ecological significance
Geology Department, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand


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