Ellen Cieraad's Research

Quantative plant ecology & physiology

About me

I am a lecturer at the Institute for Environmental Science at Leiden University. Until recently I was based at Landcare Research – a research institute in Lincoln, New Zealand.

I have broad research interests centered on understanding species’ distributional limits and responses of plants to their environment. I use a variety of methods to address questions at the plant, ecosystem and national level. I enjoy combining and analysing data from various sources and disciplines to provide new insights. My recent work has included analyses of climate, vegetation and species traits data sets, controlled environment experiments and measurements along environmental (e.g. elevation, temperature and nutrient) and land-use gradients.

Please see my publication list for recent outputs.

You can contact me by emailing:  e.cieraad -at- cml.leidenuniv.nl

Ellen_Nov20142010_April_CampCk 023


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