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A move across the world

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Wordcloud_MinFreq12_Sept2015 Wordcloud_MinFreq25_Sept2015

After 14 years in New Zealand, we are now in the Netherlands and I am about to start my lecturer position at Leiden University. I recently created a word cloud* of abstracts of my published papers to date. The results (above) nicely depict my work at Landcare Research. While I look forward to keeping ties with some of my research and fabulous colleagues in New Zealand and elsewhere, I can’t wait to see what my new position at the Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML Leiden University) will bring!

* Word clouds are great ways to visually analyse text. Words that feature in your text more often are given greater prominence in the ‘cloud’. The number of words that make up your cloud depends on the threshold you place (effectively a minimum number of times that a word has to appear in the text). You can create these word clouds this really easy in some web applications (like worldle.net), but it’s also easy to do in R, and a lot more customisable.


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